My little MG TF sports car

After I had finished University and got my first job, I wanted to splash out a little while I could. I bought a lovely little soft top sports car - my MG TF.

After getting my first job I purchased this lovely little sports car. Two seater and mid engined it was an MG TF 1.6 litre engine. I bought it mainly because now was the time. I had no family and therefore a very unpractical car was fine.

I loved the car and it was great in the summer with the roof down and the hard top made the car much more practical.

Still, once married it made no sense to keep the car anymore and I sold it just before 2008. Some great memories though driving it.

Below are some photos I took.

This post was written after this blog was first published. It was added to record this specific event and was back-dated to the event time/date.


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