Garage Conversion

As our family was expanding, we decided that we would covert the garage to another room. With us in a new build the garages are never very big and therefore you can't really get a car in them. We thought the space would be better utilised as another room.

Removing the Door and Adding the Window

The first job is probably the most scary and needed to be completed in a day. That was removing the garage door, bricking up the wall and the adding in the newly delivered window.

Materials Arrive

As is usually the case when work starts at our house a large delivery arrives from the local building merchants which is just down the road. They delivered the wood for the floor, insulation and other bits and bobs necessary for the job.

Creating the New Floor

The floor is actually a “floating” floor in that it is not connected to the walls at all. Wooden beams went across at the correct level over the top of plastic insulation and then boards on top of those, with lots of insulation in between.

Putting up the Partition

The room was going to split into 2 parts. A larger room at the front and a smaller room, initially for the gym but later to become an office at the back. Therefore a stud wall needed to be constructed.

Plastering the Walls

After the electrician and plumber had been to add lights, sockets and a new radiator in the larger room, the next job was the plasterer to come along and plaster the walls. They always look really strange before they have dried!

After a lick of paint it is all done

Once the plaster had dried it was time for a lick of paint, lay the laminate flooring and a few finishing touches and the room was ready!

This post was written after this blog was first published. It was added to record this specific event and was back-dated to the event time/date.

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