The Abandoned Trip to London

This morning I embarked on a trip to London to see my colleague Keith and attend the WordPress London meet up event. Waking up in the morning was the news that #stormdoris was hitting most parts of the United Kingdom, but on checking the rail services for my journey – all “appeared” well.

After walking the kids to school in the pouring rain it was time to head to the station to catch the train to Preston. This part of the journey went according to plan. In fact it went better than according to plan as I was able to jump on an earlier train.

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Back to Blogging

I used to have a blog, starting way back in 2007 but to be honest it didn’t last very long. However I did enjoy blogging.

Over the course of the past few months I have been really thinking about my use of the internet, particular social media and what I am (or am not) using it for. One of the things that I concluded was that it is nice to be able to look back at your life over the years – the photos you have taken, the places you have been and the people you have met.

Therefore I am starting up this blog with that being the aim. The document some of things that I get up to. I want to come back to this in 10 years time and see the memories. I wonder if I will be able to?

Saturday Stroll Through Brindle Lodge

I ventured out with the kids this afternoon and thought we would call in on Grandad and Grandma and then take a stroll around Brindle Lodge. This is somewhere I would have walked through many a time as child but never been back since.

This post was written after this blog was first published. It was added to record this specific event and was back-dated to the event time/date.