Easter Holiday in Majorca

Today was our get away for the Easter break to the sunny Spanish Island of Majorca. We had an early start in order to at the airport for 0600 which meant a long day, which as I type is coming to an end. We had a fantastic week in the sun, not too hot and certainly not too cold. In fact we will be going back again very soon.

Day 1 – Getting There

The kids were super excited to be flying on a plane and when they woke they couldn’t wait to get airborne. Little did they know that from get out of bed until actually taking off would be over 5 hours!

The flight was really smooth though and went according to plan and on time and we touched down in Palma de Majorca just after lunch. A little over an hour later than that after a coach ride we arrived our our resort hotel in Cala Bona on the East side of the island. The weather was a lovely 19 – 20 °C with clear skies.

After settling in we had a wander around the complex and the boys went for a paddle in the pool, however Harry didn’t really want to get went as the outdoor pool was a little chilly. However the week ahead is forecast for better temperatures up to 23.

We ate out at a local Italian restaurant and then headed back to the complex for soon pool and play.

Italian for tea!

As I write we are all exhausted and ready for some sleep after what has been a tiring but very exciting day.

Day 2

We decided that day 2 would be a lazy day around the pool with a break for me to watch the Chinese Grand Prix highlights in the afternoon.

Having wandered down to the main pool area at around 0930 nearly every sun bed had a towel on it to reserve it, yet annoyingly there was only about 10% of them actually being used. Therefore we headed over to the splash pool where the boys went (reluctantly) into the water and played on the big pirate ship and the slides etc. The water was very cold and they were freezing when they got out.

We then headed off the welcome meeting in the hotels main reception. Here we found out about the local area, the hotels facilities as well as some of the excursions that were on offer during the week.

After a short sunbathe we then headed to the local BIP supermarket to get some supplies for lunch etc. If was just a short walk down the road. On the walk we came across an amusing sign. I wonder what that place is?

After a delicious ham and cheese baguette (the bread was still warm from the oven!) we took he boys into the indoor pool, which although small was much warmer for them to play in. Harry even did some swimming which was nice to see.

After a good hour splashing about we headed back to the room for some bagin and then I watched the formula 1 highlights for a bit while Helen took the boys for a walk around the harbour to see some fish, have a look in some of the shops and get the boys a water gun and football to play with during the week,

On return it was a quick dip in the indoor pool to play with the water guns before we headed out for our tea. We decided to give the hotel buffet a go this evening and we were very impressed. It was a self serve style buffet, like you might see on a cruise ship. The boys enjoyed a generous helping of fish fingers and chips with peas, peppers and onions whilst Helen and I had a delicious freshly cooked sweet and sour pork with rice. We could see this being cooked in front of us on a huge Wok with a very large burner underneath. I really enjoyed the food.

We then went to play some pool whilst the boys played in the play area on the slides etc. On arrival to the pool area we found the pool table jammed. After acquiring a pool table “unjammer ” from Joanne off reception (a large sharp knife to you and me!) we managed to remove all the jammed coins and had a lovely couple of frames.

We then headed back to the room to bed! A long sleep was needed for another fun day the next day.

Day 3

This morning after a quick breakfast the boys went to the kids club. They spent a couple of hours glueing and sticking pictures together and making a crown. They also went on a tour around the hotel singing out loud and holding hands. They thoroughly enjoyed it and had a really good couple of hours. It was nice for them to have a break from us, and of course visa versa!

We then had a stroll to the supermarket to get the daily bread – they baked on site some delicious fresh baguette.

After lunch we headed to the indoor pool where we had great fun with the boys in the pool, throwing our newly purchased football around, jumping in and out, a little swimming and off course the boys playing with their water guns.

Harry made some real progress with his swimming this afternoon and was swimming lengths unaided which was great to see. He seems to have lost a lot of the fear he had. James still wouldn’t get into the main pool though but enjoyed splashing around in the splash pool.

After drying off and having a snack and a drink, my and James headed out of the football pitch so play in the goals. He was really good and certainly has a good kick on him.

We took a stroll towards to harbour to find a highly recommended Italian restaurant for our evening meal. I have a Ham and mushroom Pizza, Helen a ham and pineapple and we got some tomato pasta and a pizza of ham and sweetcorn for the boys to share. They loved it, as did we as they were propoer thin crust stone baked Italian pizzas. I was also great views of the sea sat in the restaurant in the outside seating area.

After a short walk along the cycle path and past a rather strange deserted apartment/hotel complex we headed back for some pool and play on the play area before bed time.

Day 4

The boys woke at around 0800 this morning after a good long sleep from all the swimming the day before. After having some breakfast and with it feeling a little cooler today due to the wind, we headed to the indoor pool for some fun with water guns and a football.

Although James would still not get into the pool and swim, Harry has come on a treat and was swimming on his on out of his depth which was wonderful to see. We managed to play a family games of Water Volleyball (throwing a football to each other) which was great fun.

After spending time in the pool, Helen had a sunbathe and me and the boys went for a little walk around the hotel, which ended up with the boys playing on the play park.

We then all went on a short walk to the supermarket (about 5 minutes down the road) to obtain supplies for the day including bread, ham and cheese along with other essential supplies such as beer and wine etc.!

After a lovely lunch of ham and cheese baguette and a rest and relax in our hotel room we headed back to the indoor pool for some more splashing around fun! This included playing some football on the pretty impressive football pitch at the hotel. James has a very good kick on him and could be a budding footballer.

Before tea we headed down the the pool bar area to grab at pre-tea “tightner” whilst enjoying a game of pool. At the same time the boys where playing on the play park. At the same time they found the stage in the main bar area and Harry enjoyed pretending to entertain the ground by singing and dancing with a pretend microphone. The room of course at this time was empty!

For tea we decided to venture out around Cala Bona harbour for something to eat. After a recommendation from the lovely reception staff we decided on an Indian restaurant. I enjoyed a delicious Lamb Bhuna, Helen decided on chicken Tikka Masala and the boys…. well they thoroughly enjoyed chips, peas (with lettuce) and chicken nuggets. They devoured the lot! Clearly all the activity was making them very hungry.

We then retired to our hotel room for some well earned sleep!

Day 5

After a late get-up for the boys at around 0815 we have breakfast and then the Harry and James went to the Kids club in the morning whilst Helen a had a sun bathe and I chilled in the room for bit.

When the boys returned again they had a great time and wanted to go back the next day. We then ventured out to the shop for some supplies for lunch as well as having a look around some of the shops in Cala Bona around the harbour.

After lunch we went in and around the pool area with James wanting to have a play in the splash pool and then later moving to the indoor pool with all of us getting in, playing catch with the football etc.

After an hour we headed back to the room for some ‘baggin’. Helen decided it was time to do some washing in the on-site laundry area whilst I took the boys to the football pitch for a kick about. James certainly seems to have the skills

At around 1700 we headed to the pool bar area to have a swift half (well a pint really) and a game of pool. The boys went for a play on the slides etc. and then came to watch me beat Helen 3 – 0 at pool!

We then headed out to the harbour area of Cala Bona for a browse around the shops and then we decided on a restaurant to tea. The previous night we have clocked “Janet & Johns” and therefore we decided to try that. I had a delicious Chicken and Prawn Paella which was very nice with a cold beer.

After that it was back to the hotel room and bed after a tiring day, yet again of doing nothing really!

Day 6

After breakfast the boys wanted to go to the Kids club again this morning and so Helen went with them. They have a strange system because they have 3 groups of kids clubs. The second is the 3 – 6 group and then there is the 7 – 11. Our 2 fall between these 2 groups which would mean they would be split up. Therefore Harry goes in with James in the lower age group.

The problem with this is that the organisers make you wait until the end when everyone has signed in, prioritising the kids in that age group. Then if there is space they will accept others, with a sibling, This sounds OK but today meant that our 2 missed out. The capacity was 32 and with 31 already signed in, there was only 1 space left. A real shame I think 🙁

Instead of kids club we headed out for a walk along the coast as there was a sandy beach just further up in the next village that we had not yet seen. It was a lovely walk and the coastline involved some stunning views of the Mediterranean.

We had a walk along the sandy beach with the boys paddling in the water and then had a look around some of the shops on the sea front. We also took in an ice cream and sat on the front eating them.

We called into the supermarket on the way home for supplies and then had lunch when we returned to the hotel. James and Harry we bought a treat in the shops. Harry choose a snorkel and mask which he played with in the pool in the afternoon while James choose a couple of Ninja Turtles Lego sets.

After lunch we spent an hour in the indoor pool, splashing, swimming and generally having a good time. Harry has really progressed with his swimming during these holidays and was swimming completely on his own which was lovely to see.

We then headed to the Pool area for a 5 frames of Pool, a couple of beers and the children played on the park for a while. For our evening meal we choose an Italian restaurant on the harbour front called Tasca. I had a delicious Sirloin steak while Helen opted for a chicken skewer. The food was lovely.

Day 7

Our last full day already! The week has gone by really quick but it has been lovely to spend family time together.

The day started with the boys heading off to Kids club again for some fun and Helen went for a sun bathe while I had some time to chill out a little. They had their faces painted in today’s session. Harry opted for an Octopus and James went for a shark!

Next was our daily trip to the supermarket for supplies, although with this being the last full day we didn’t need an awful lot. We opted for lovely fresh baguette with ham and cheese for lunch all round.

After chilling for a while in the hotel room while I watched the formula 1 practice session we headed out of for our daily trip to the indoor pool where Harry, James and I had a swim around and lots of fun jumping and diving in the pool.

We then headed down to the pool bar area for our daily tea-time drink and a few frames of pool. Once again I was victorious however I must say that American Pool (large balls, thicker cues and wider pockets) is much harder than you would think.

We decided to head to tea at Janet and Johns once again for our last meal as we thoroughly enjoyed both the food and the people on our last visit. I decided once again for a steak with pepper sauce and Helen opted for the Chicken Balti from the specials board. Both were delicious.

We then headed back for some packing and bed before our return journey home in the evening.

Day 8 – Homeward Bound

Today was the day we headed back to the UK. After a long day of travel we finally arrived back in the UK to rain! We had a great family week though and thoroughly enjoyed it.

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