Leyland Fire Station Open Day

Today was the Leyland Fire Station Open Day. The fire station opened its doors to the public to allow us to have a look around the station, see the equipment they use and of course have a sit in some of the vehicles they use.

As well as the fire vehicles and equipment, there was representatives from the other emergency services included a kitted out Ambulance and also police cars. I have never actually been in the back on an Ambulance until today, which I guess in many ways is a good thing.

There was also some safety displays taking place including how not to put out a chip pan fire which was very interesting to see. The video below is what I captured of the demonstration in slow motion.

Aside from the obvious devastating fire blast after the water lands on the hot chip pan oil, the thing that struck me was the immense het that came towards us and we were all standing a good 5 or 6 metres away at least.

Another good demonstration was removing the roof off a car in order to simulate getting out a patient / casualty with spinal injuries for a road traffic collision. This was fascinating to see how they go about removing the roof from a car!

Walking round the station, for reasons unbeknown to me other that it was fun to have them there were star wars characters (a Storm Trooper and Kylo Ren) as well and queen Elsa from Frozen!

I took some photos which are below:

It was a great couple of hours and something it would be nice to see more often. We would definitely attend a future event.

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