WordCamp Edinburgh 2017

I am currently sat on a Trans Pennine Express train from Edinburgh to Preston station having spent a thoroughly lovely weekend away at WordCamp Edinburgh. Like other WordCamp events this is a great opportunity to learn new things and met new people. This weekend was additionally special however as it was the first time I had the opportunity to meet some of our new team at Highrise Digital.

It all started on Friday morning with a great train ride with Virgin Trains over the Pennines heading up to Edinburgh. Arriving just after lunch I then had a nice walk to the AirBnB flat that I had selected for us to stay in. It turned out to be a really good flat and a great choice.

Later that day I met up with Keith, Jonathan and Sam. We have just hired Jonathan and Sam has been working with us for a few months. However being remote I had never met them in person. We had a great few days and some good times.

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