Amazing Anglesey in Wales

I have just returned from a few days a way in a lovely part of the UK that I have rarely spent time in before which Anglesey in north west wales. We (the family) spent a few days with my parents, them in their caravan and us (me and my wife) in a nearby hotel. The kids – well they of course wanted to stay in the caravan with grand parents.


There is something about staying in the caravan that the kids absolutely love. It is probably the same reason why my brother and I loved it when we were kids. The whole experience they just soak it up and love doing all the things you need to do when in a caravan – changing the water, the toilet, the waste and of course getting setup including putting the awning up etc.

The video above shows a time lapse photography taken with my iPhone of the caravan setup. It was taken over a period of about 20 minutes – if my Maths is correct!

Pili Palas

On the first day we decided to head out to one of the local wildlife centres, oddly named Pili Palas. Initially this started out as a butterfly centre and although the butterflies still remain there are a whole host of other things to see including pets corner, pigs, goats, lizards and even some Llamas.

There was also lots of activities for the kids to do including play areas and picnic spots. In fact we took some sandwiches and found a nice picnic area near the outdoor play area to have our lunch.

A Stroll on the Beach

We stayed not far away from Benllech which has a very nice beach. In fact on a hot day it would rival anything you see down in Cornwall. We went for a long stroll across the sands and there are some stunning views.

Beaumaris Castle

After a lovely BBQ the evening before, the next morning we headed out to visit Beaumaris Castle in the south of Anglesey. With James recently studying castles at school he was super excited to visit one for real.

On arrival James was quick to point of some of the castle features, immediately should out “arrow slits” and “moat” when he saw them – he must have been paying attention in class!

The castle was lovely and visitors are free to move around at their leisure. You can walk around the top of most of the inner and outer castle walls as well as exploring many of the small rooms in the castle. Makes you think what life would have been like living in one.

We had a lovely time in Anglesey and I would highly recommend a visit if you get the chance.

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