And That Was 2017


Back in January the year started out with a new sideboard for the kitchen extension. We had been looking for one for ages and then found a lovely one online for a really good price. Dad came over and helped with construction.

I also made another trip to the capital for the WordPress Big Media meetup which was held at the news UK headquarters in central London. It was also a good chance to catch-up with Keith who also made the (shorter) trip.

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If I could walk run a thousand miles…

If you want to read all about my running this year and meeting my goals then I have already written about this when I achieved my revised target of 814 miles from Land’s End to John O’Groats. This post is going to concentrate on the new achievement of pushing on to 1000 miles.

After reaching my revised target, I ended November needing to run 150 miles. In the back of my mind I had it that I would really like to run 1000 miles in a year.

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