Goals for 2018

I never usually set goals for the coming year as historically it has never worked. However this year, building on the success of meeting my running target in 2017, I am going to set some goals for 2018. Here they are.

Last year I reached my target to run 1000 miles in 365 days and building on this success I want to set some goals for this year.

1. Run at least 1,100 miles

It seems logical to set a higher running target than last year and therefore I have done just that. I will be trying to run 1,100 miles in 2018. I have deliberately set the target just a little higher than the previous one, as I can always push it out if, like last year it looks as though I will achieve the target easily.

2. Drink less alcohol

This was in a new target but something important to me as I have drunk way too much in 2017. Drinking too much makes me tired and generally my overall health goes down. My running has massively improved my health and well-being and I think if I can commit to drinking less then it will improve again.

However it is easy to say but much harder to do. Therefore to achieve this I am going to try and stick to 2 basic principles.

  1. Only drink after 20:00. There will be exceptions here of course, for example going to afternoon parties etc. but as a rule of thumb I will try and stick to this.
  2. Maximum of 3 days drinking during the week – this of course means at least 4 dry days per week. I managed a about 3 – 4 weeks in the autumn of 2017 using this and it worked well, therefore I am hoping this will work again for me.

And that is it. I could write down lots more I guess, but I want to keep the targets simple and achievable. Lets see how I get on!

Featured image credit: Ales Krivec


Keith January 2, 2018 Reply

We went dry for a whole year, so it’s definitely possible to reduce the drinking! One thing that helped was to have loads of tasty fruity teas on hand. If you have something nice to replace the booze with it makes it much easier.

Mark Wilkinson January 2, 2018 Reply

Wow! A whole year, that is massively impressive, well done. Good suggestion about alternatives. I have been trying all the non alcoholic beers but there is only 1 that is OK in my opinion. Will try your suggestion too.

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