Kettle Bell Workout

Last year I concentrated heavily on getting back into fitness through running. I ran over 1000 miles and aim to continue this during the course of 2018. However I have also decided this year I wanted to improve my strength and today I made a start.

My wife found some very good value Kettle Bells in the Lidl phamplet that sometimes comes through to door or is collected from store. As usual they were running a new year fitness push on equipment but in there were some Kettle Bells at pretty good value.

They had a 6kg bell for £6.99, a 10kg bell for £9.99 and a 14kg bell for £14.99. Therefore I got a 6 and a 10kg one (I think 14kg is a little too heavy for me at this stage).

Below is my first, short workout using them, and boy can I feel my hamstrings after the Kettle Bell swing. Maybe I am not quite getting the technique right, I will double check.

I also did some lifts to work the muscles in my arms. I feel really good after it and aim to do a short 10 minute workout every day.

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