Testing Gutenberg on this Blog

This blog runs some software called WordPress to manage the content and do other stuff. It is quite popular (powered over 30% of the web) and it is getting a major new feature. Here is my test of installing this feature on this site.

Yesterday I was delighted to chair a session with the core developers of WordPress's new editor and publishing workflow project – Gutenberg. That chat has brought about this post. Let me explain.

Before I explain, if you want to catchup on the session from yesterday – "A Fireside Chat with the Gutenberg Team" – you can do so below:


WordPress (the software powering this blog) is getting a pretty big overhaul in the way in which we right content. In fact I am writing this post using the new method – a project named Gutenberg.

It replaces the entire editing experience with a new interface and a new way of doing things. In our discussion yesterday, one thing to team asked for is for feedback. They need people to start using the Gutenberg way (as a plugin at the moment) to test if it work and find all the issues so they can be fixed.

During the chat I promised that I would go away and install the plugin on my blog (this site) and see how it worked. The easiest way to feedback if often with a video, and an accompanying blog post. So, here it is, my impressions of Gutenberg being install of this blog. Enjoy the watch!

After recording the video I submitted this bug report on Github.

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Angie Vale March 7, 2018 Reply

Thanks Mark,
A very useful insight. I can see some great benefits with Gutenberg but I’m concerned about how my client’s are going to find it as the UI is still confusing. It’s going to mean a lot of additional training and support.

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