Record 5k Run

Finally managed a personal milestone on a run this evening as I managed to run 5k in under 20 minutes!

Today was a long day at work with lots to do and to get through. This meant I had not managed to head out for my usual Monday run. After tea and with the kids in bed, I thought what can I do now?

It would either be slump in front of the TV watching football, or simply to continue with the mountain of tasks that I have to complete.

It was a nice evening, cool but clear and fine and therefore I thought why not go out for a run now? I got my running kit of, settled the kids into bed and then headed out.

I started off really well, int felt easy and it also felt fast. As I got 2 miles in my phone reads out the split times in my headphones and it was pretty quick. Therefore I decided there and then just to keep running and pushing on.

I finally got to the 5k mark, stopped Strava on my phone and the checked the run. I was pretty pleased when it came in at a new personal best of 19 minutes and 59 seconds – finally I had managed to get under the 20 minute barrier 🙂

View the run below on my running blog.

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