2018 Goal Updates – 1st Third

A quick update on the goals that I set at the start of the year and reviewing progress so far.

At the start of the year I decided (very unlike me) to set some goals for the year.

In fact I think I would rather call them targets. I am not sure why I like that word better, but I do.

First lets look at what these where:

  1. Run at least 1,100 miles
  2. Drink less alcohol

The idea here was to make these not super specific – well the running was is a little specific, but to keep them more open so that I had a better chance of achieving them.

You can read all about the goals I set at the start of the year in the post below.

Goals for 2018

Progress to date

So how am I doing. Lets look at each of the goals in turn and make some comments.

1.Run at least 1,100 miles

In 2017 I ran (just) over 1,000 miles. So the target was easy for me in terms of this particular goal – run a bit further.

As most of the running I did in 2017 was in the latter part of the year I thought that adding an extra 100 miles to the target was a fair step.

As it turns out it has been a lot hard that I first thought. The target was 3.02 miles per day, which has actually been a lot harder than I first thought. Miss a day and the target keeps getting harder and harder. Add to that the number of days left to achieve this getting shorter each day and the target becomes quite challenging.

So to-date I have run 320.87 miles which is 0.36 miles per day less than I need to run to match the target.

I am still reasonably confident I can achieve this (he says having not been for a run today) but it will be much tougher than I first thought.

I have however been thinking about changing this target slightly. As the summer months approach and the weather gets better, I find myself wanting to get out on the bicycle a little more. However if I have done that they I don’t feel like running. Maybe later in the year I will trade cycling miles for running miles. I was thinking 4 miles on the bike for 1 running. Maybe that is for the next update though in August.

If (maybe?) you want to following along with my running then you can follow my progress over at my running blog. Find out about it here:


Drink less alcohol

An easy target you would have thought and on the face of it something that I have definitely achieved – I have drank less.

My original idea for drinking less was to only drink 3 days a week and start drinking after 8pm. This has not happened and has been way harder than I thought.

However I am pretty much always have 3 days a week where I don’t drink anything and I have been cutting down on what I consume in the days were I do have a drink.

So I guess the conclusion here, so far, is that it has not been a train-wreck and it has not completely collapsed however must try harder would be a fair assessment.

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