First Proper Bike Ride in Years

Last year I got a new bike and although I have been out with the kids here and there, I was yet to complete (what I would call) a proper bike ride. Today I achieved this with a 10 mile ride.

The weather this weekend has been glorious and with it being a bank holiday weekend it was perfect for getting out and about. I woke on Sunday and would have usually ended up lazing in bed and then watching football for most of the day. Today was different though as I decided enough is enough and headed out for a bike ride.

As a kid I used to ride all over the place on my bike and I wanted to give it another go with new new(ish) bike today. I set off towards Longton and New Longton as I knew that round there is was pretty flat.

Having stopped off at my brothers for a much needed cold drink I headed to the A59 dual carriageway were there is a cycle path alongside. It was really flat and good going. I turned off there and then headed back towards Gill Lane before headed back home up Golden Hill Lane.

Always time for a quick selfie! Proves I was actually there 🙂

The ride is a really good beginners ride as it is really flat and the roads, at this time on Sunday at least are pretty quiet.

Will definitely be going again – maybe tomorrow on Bank Holiday Monday, who know’s!

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