If you have never been to watch a golf tournament before then I would highly recommend the women’s events. The players are brilliant and the crowds not quite as busy as for the men’s event.

In fact whether you like golf or not, you will still have a great day out, particularly if the weather is nice as it was today.

This was day 3 of a 4 days tournament so the playing field had been through “the cut” meaning there was 33 matches to watch, with 2 players in each match – plenty of entertainment.

The thing that struck me again, and this is going to sound ridiculous I know, but how professional the players are. They are really dedicated and brilliant at what they do, as well as being extremely fit and superb athletes. I think we you watch on TV, you get he impression that golfers just rock up and hit a ball round. It was clear with these players that is not the case and a lot of perpetuation goes in mentally and physically as well as getting their technique crafted too.

Took lots of photos on the day and some video footage too which is below.

The walk around the course for the day, mapped on Strava.

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