What’s in my bag?

Being into tech and travelling around to conferences, holidays and what not, I tend to carry around a fair bit of kit. Lets take a look what is in my bag.

First of all, I guess it is the bag itself which is not included in the picture. My bag is a Case Logic 14inch Laptop bag. It is not that big and sometimes I regret not having purchased a larger bag so I can fit more in, however it has its benefit being a bit more compact.

  1. AKG noise cancelling headphones – I have only just got these but initial impression is that they are going to be great of planes, trains and other public transport.
  2. Anker Premium 5-Port 60W USB Wall Charger – I wanted an extra charger for my laptop so I could keep the main charger at my desk and this one works really well as it also has USB charging ports on for charging phone and iPad etc.
  3. Roost foldable laptop stand – can’t recommend this enough. If you bring along your keyboard and mouse, it really turns your workstation like in your office.
  4. Moleskin notepad – this one was free from the team at Nimbus hosting, picked up at WordCamp London 2018.
  5. MPow selfie stick – being the one that always takes the photos, I never got any pictures of me and therefore purchased this to take some selfies which were not quite as close up. Easy to use and setup, although the shutter button could be easier to press.
  6. Apple headphones and iPhone adapter – pretty standard stuff but super important to pack the adapter which allows headphones (included the AKGs at number 1) to be plugged into my iPhone 8 which has no standard headphone socket. This converts a standard headphone jack into the lightening socket.
  7. Just noticed that I failed to add a number 7 to the diagram – strange because it is my favourite number ?
  8. USB C adapters – needed for my Mac as it does not have HDMI or normal USB. I have a few more of these not shown in the picture too. Quite annoying to have to carry all these round.
  9. 2 TB Western Digital Elements USB 3.0 hard drive – useful for videos to watch whilst away.
  10. iPhone 8 – love this phone, takes great photos and video and good battery life
  11. Anker Powercore+ Mini – great for a little extra charge when out and about. Not used as much now I have a new iPhone 8 as it holds its charge better.
  12. Highrise Digital business cards – always handed if you bump into someone into WordPress or wanting a WordPress site etc.
  13. Targus multimedia presentation remote – great for clicking through slides when I am presenting meaning I don’t need to be right next to the computer.
  14. Joby GorillaPod Hybrid tripod – this is a great little tripod to using with your phone or Go Pro. I use it a lot for doing little time-lapse photos with.
  15. Contact lenses – I always carry a couple of pairs just in case I break my glasses. I use the daily disposals but only wear them for sport.
  16. Soft laptop case – can’t remember or find the make of this but it keeps my laptop safe and cushioned.
  17. Apple Lightning to USB cable – for charging iPhone and iPad (not in photo)
  18. MacBook Pro 13inch 2.9GHz Core i5 with 16gb RAM – this is the worst Mac I have had but still wouldn’t make we want to move to something else.
  19. iPad 128gb – not in the photo but often taken with me for watch movies on or stuff from the SkyQ box.

A fairly standard bag I think. What is in your bag?

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