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Having visited twice last year and loved it, we went out again at the end of the summer holidays for a week in the sun. It didn't disappoint.

We love visiting Cala Bona in Majorca. Last year we end up visiting twice. First around Easter and then again at the end of the summer holidays. When booking our summer holiday abroad (all wonderfully handled by my wife) we had no hesitation in booking again for the same resort.

Majorca is a lovely island and provides all kinds of holidays. For us, with two children it provides all we need. The kids love the pool(s) and then can spend all day playing around, diving in and going up and down the slides. For us it provides a nice relaxing place to sunbathe and is a good safe space for both us and the children.

Special family time

It was great to be away from work for a week and to spent time with the family. The children absolutely love being in the pool and in fact, spent most of the week gaining confidence on their swimming both in the deep end of the hotels’ river pool (2 metres 20cm deep) and splashing around the splash pool with slides and other water features.

To be honest, I loved the pool too and really enjoyed spending so real quality time with the children, diving and jumping in with them.

Cracking weather – well, mostly

You could say we were fortunate with the weather in that pretty much every day was blue sky and 30 plus degrees Celcius, but then again that it was we expected.

The first day we arrived though the heavens opened and there were strong showers with thunder and lightning in the afternoon. It soon cleared though.

The last day too was a little overcast in the morning. This is when I decided to head out for a run as it was a little cooler. However again, by lunchtime, the cloud had cleared and it back to being blue skies with sunshine and very hot weather.

Some lovely meals out

There are some super restaurants around the harbour area of Cala Bona. We sampled quite a few and I had dishes including, Chicken Curry, Lamb Bhuna, Pork grilled kebabs, Pork tenderloin with white wine and mushroom sauce as well as a delicious Sirloin steak. We didn’t have a bad meal out.

One thing that we did notice was that the price of a meal out in Majorca has definitely increased since our last visit. Previously we could generally get a main course each and a round of drinks for around 45 Euros, however, this year it was costing more like 55 Euros.

Runs from Cala Bona to Cala Millor and back

I wanted to go on a few runs whilst here, something whilst I didn’t get the chance to do on our previous visits. The main issue here of course if the heat, with it regularly over 30 degrees Celsius┬áduring the day.

I managed to get 3 runs in, with the run on the final day being the easiest as the temperature was a little lower as it was overcast with some cloud. Still, it was pretty hot.

First run

Second run

Final run

The peddle quad bike

The first few times we have been we noticed that peddle quad bikes (a cycle with four wheels and seats for everyone) and the kids really wanted to go on one.

This time we hired one and spent one afternoon riding up and down the promenade from Cala Bona to Cala Millor. It was really good fun and I would highly recommend this if you ever go. I think it was 18 Euros for about 2 hours and well worth it!

So that was the end of a long and wonderful summer. We had some great weather in the UK for the first half and then the second half spent in the sun in Majorca – memorably and I look forward to hopefully going back next year.

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