First time at Center Parcs

Instead of doing nothing this October half term we decided a short break somewhere would be nice. Lots of friends and family had been to Center Parcs and everyone thoroughly enjoyed it. Therefore we thought we would give it a go - it didn't disappoint.

For our first experience, we booked a long weekend – arriving on Friday and leaving on Monday. We staying in a lovely 2 bedroom lodge, just big enough for us all to not feel to cramped.

The Subtropical Paradise pool

This was the highlight of the break. A chance for the boys (and me too!) to go on all the slides and rides in the indoor subtropical paradise.

Paradise is going a bit far but it was very enjoyable going around the rapids, on the two slides and down the Canyon slide.

Things to do

There is no shortage of things to do at Center Parcs and it being our first visit and only having a few days (the boys went home early to go to a 100th Birthday party!) we didn’t do much apart from the pool.

The boys did play on the adventure playground, gaining confidence in climbing up the towers and going across the rope bridges.

There is also loads of sports stuff you can do including Tennis, Badminton, climbing and much more over in the sports complex.

Nice food

We had a couple of lovely meals. The first from the Dining take away. I had a Chicken Tikka Jalfrezi and Helen had a Chicken Tikka Rogan Josh. I actually ordered the Rogan Josh but we ended up eating each others!

The last night Helen and I went to the Bella Italia restaurant where I had a lovely chicken pasta dish with Gramigna pasta – a shape which I had never had before.

Birds of prey centre

A few miles away from Center Parcs itself is a lovely Birds of Prey Centre. We always love seeing these and there was a flying display involved too, where you could have a bird fly to you.

Both the boys and Helen had a Harris Hawk called Bob on their arms!

I would definitely recommend going back – which we will certainly try and do next year. Here are some of the photos I took.

P.S. still not sure about the music here 🙂

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