WordCamp Manchester 2018

Now an annual event, this weekend I attended and spoke at WordCamp Manchester which, I believe is one of the best WordCamps around the world!

WordCamp Manchester has been going for a few years now. In fact I have spoken at a number of events over the years and this years event was no different. My talk, titled “Transitioning to a block-based editor in a pre-Gutenberg world” was selected.

My talk

I was very excited to be speaking at WordCamp Manchester 2018 as it is the nearest WordCamp to where I live. I was even more thrilled that I was scheduled to speak first in track 2. I always like speaking as early as possible as any nerves are then done and dusted with and I can enjoy the rest of the weekend.

My talk went really well and I filmed my own talk. I was really pleased with the outcome. If you are interested then you can watch my talk here, on the Highrise Digital blog.

Talk: Transitioning to a block based editor in a pre-Gutenberg world

I also did a short lightning talk about mapping domains to WordPress sites in a multisite instance, without mapping the DNS to the servers IP address. This was based on a blog post I wrote on my tech blog here.

Domain mapping with WordPress multisite without using IP addresses

My key takeaways

As is always the case with conferences such as these, you come away with lots of things to research and learn. On top of that, there were some excellent talks by members of the WordPress community. My favourite had to be “Should I poke the bear or stroke the bear: a guide to setting client expectations” by Hannah Smith.

Hannah’s talk really got me thinking about client relationships and how we are their custodians helping them navigate the route through what is building a website. A great talk and well worth a watch as and when it appears on WordPress.tv.

I didn’t really take many photos on the day as I spent a lot of time in the “hallway track” chatting to other attendees including people who I had not seen for many months. I took a few though which are below.

Contributor day

The day after on Sunday was the contributor day. The chances to give back to the WordPress open source project. I spent much of the day testing some of the plugins that I have written against the up and coming release of WordPress version 5.0.

With help from the amazingly patient Mike Little (co-founder of the WordPress project), I did find and submit a bug in the core software.

So that’s it until (hopefully) next year. Thanks to everyone involved, particularly the organisers, volunteers, speakers and sponsors. See you next year!

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