Marketing Workshop in Gloucester

Today was a very long day, starting at 04:45 and finishing at 23:30, of marketing for our WordPress development agency - Highrise Digital. It was intense, busy but so worth it.

Today was a first for me, a marketing workshop with the team at Really Helpful Marketing in order to try and help us (Highrise Digital) to improve our positioning and the marketing of our products and services.

I have always been slightly sceptical about this sort of thing, but I must say that I have been converted and really enjoyed the day.

As the workshop was based in Gloucester (there is never a perfect place to get everyone together), it was a very early start. In fact, I set off from Leyland at 05:15 to try and beat the worst of the traffic. It worked and I was past Birmingham and at Stensham services on the M5 at just before 08:30. The only painful part of the journey is all the slow, 50mph zones on the M6 between Manchester and Birmingham for upgrading to “smart motorway”.

I collected my business partner Keith, from Gloucester station, which I must admit I had a lot of trouble actually finding, even though I had a SatNav.

We then headed to The Steadings Business Centre, the offices of the Really Helpful Marketing company.

The day was going to split up into a number of tasks with included:

  • Client interviews
  • Competitor┬áresearch
  • Brand positioning

I came out of the day in a really positive mode and look forward to the future of Highrise Digital.

WordPress Bristol Meetup

As I was in Gloucester, not far from Bristol and it was the Bristol WordPress meetup that evening, I made my way down and spent the evening learning more about page builders and chatting with attendees.

It was packed to the rafters and clearly a very popular and well-run meetup – congratulations to the organisers.

I stayed with a friend in Bristol overnight and then headed back home, again very early setting off at 05:00 to beat the traffic.

Overall a very tiring but enjoyable and productive few days.

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