My first lessons in golf

I have played golf for some time but recently got back playing more regularly. I decided that I would try out some lessons, something which I have never done.

In this post I will outline what I learned and why is it probably a really good idea for you to have some lessons, if you want to improve your golf game.

I must admit I was sceptical at first. I think I was worried that a professional golf coach would want to completely change my swing and everything about it and it would therefore not be enjoyable. I was so pleased that this was not the case.

So what did I learn during my 6 lessons with the club professional at Leyland Golf Club, Colin Burgess.

1. It is all about the basics

All too often we forget about the absolute basics. We watch the professionals on TV taking 30 seconds on a tee to get set up and sometimes it frustrates us. However, they are getting the basics in place ready to hit the right shot.

In terms of basics I am talking about club face pointing at the target, stance, grip on the club and alignment. These are all crucial to hitting better shots.

In my first lesson this is what we covered, and by the end of the 30 minute lesson I was hitting straighter iron shots already.

2. Golf is not easy

This is very much part of the downfall of golf in many ways in my opinion. It is actually very hard to get started and get playing to a standard were you feel you can at least have a go.

For kids, this must be really difficult and I think that if golf is to continue to attract more players, especially youngsters, then it is going to need to find a way of making getting started easier. Maybe this is a bigger hole or cup or larger headed clubs – I am not sure but something would be good.

3. Keep it simple

You gain lots of bad habits over the years and therefore keeping everything simple, almost starting again is a good idea. In my first lesson Colin was focusing me on half swings to get that right first, before moving to a full swing.

4. Bunker shots are easier than you think

This is something that I had (and still do but less so) trouble with. If I was in a bunker then it could literally take me 5 attempts to get out! However, having been shown the basics and making sure that you are trying to lift the sand out, I am much much better. Usually I am out with a single shot, although that doesn’t mean it is on the green! I have so much farther to go with bunker play.

In summary

Golf lessons are a really good way to sort out your basics and get the fundamentals correct. I would recommend them to anyone and they will certainly help. I will definitely be having some more lessons soon to check my progress and once again remove any of the bad habits that creep in.

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