Center Parcs 2019

Photo of the village centre at Center Parcs Whinfell Forest

We decided to head back to Center Parcs just north of the Lake District this year, as we enjoyed out short break there last year.

We got up to a lot including a few walks, football for James, lots of swimming and back to see the birds of prey.

Football tournaments and coaching

James is football mad at the moment and there were a few sessions on the astro turf pitch that he went too. The first was a tournament session where about 20 odd children were split into 4 teams. Each team played each other once and then there was a third/fourth place final and first/second place final.

The green team (James’ team) maanged to win 2 and lose 1 of their round robin games which got them into the first/second place final. Unfortunately they lost 2-1 but nearly scored in the last minute.

On the second day there was a coaching session which was a little longer and involved some skills and then some games at the end.

Running – 2.5 laps around Center Parcs

Always enjoy going for a run when we go away and Center Parcs is ideal and there is an ideal “track” around the complex.

I managed 2.5 laps around which was just over 10km in a pretty good time to be honest. Really enjoyed it.

Riding the bikes

As with most holidays these days we brought the boys’ bikes and then enjoyed riding around the roads around the park.

Birds of Prey

Having visited last year and really enjoyed it, we went back this year too. It was great to see the birds being flown and catching their prey. We saw Falcons, Eagles, Harris Hawks and Owls.

The boys even got to hold Bob the Harris Hawk and have him fly to them.

Kirkstone Pass

The last day we decided to head into the Lake District to visit some family and take a look around Bowness on Windermere.

The journey there took us over the Kirkstone Pass, 1500 feet above sea level. The views at the top where brilliant.

Bowness on Windermere

A visit to the Lakes would not be complete without a visit to Bowness on Windermere to look around some of the shops, feed the ducks, geese and swans and have a ice cream. It is also a good opportunity to catchup with family in the area too.

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