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Pleasington Golf Club welcome pack including bag tag and clubhouse card.
My Pleasington Golf Club membership welcome pack.

As readers of this blog will know, over the last few months I have been playing a lot more golf. I have been trying a number of courses in my local area to get a sense of which is best. Having played a few I have made a decision and finally joined a golf club in order to inspire me to play more and improve my game.

I have been a member of a golf club before, many moons ago but decided to cancel my membership as family life got in the way and I have less time to devote to playing golf.

This time I really have got the golf bug that people talk about and therefore I am keen to play as often as I can.

Recently I have played at a number of golf courses in the Lancashire area to get a better idea of which course would be best to join. Many are offering competitive joining prices as it seems as though members in golf clubs are falling.

Leyland Golf Club

My local course is Leyland Golf Club as it is about a mile away at most. The course is good, fairly flat and with some challenging holes. Also the people are great and I have some lessons with the club professional (I may have more yet!) which were very good and improved elements of my game.

Leyland Golf Club
Hole 1, Par 4 – Tee shot

The biggest downside to the club for me, and this is probably only an issue in the autumn and winter months was the wetness of the course. Many parts were heavily water-logged even in September. Therefore I can only think that over the winter there would not be a great deal of play on the course.

However Leyland Golf Club does have an excellent practice area, something that other courses do not really have. There is a putting green, chipping green with chipping areas and a practice bunker as well as a full driving range with mats and grass tees. I am a range member now at Leyland and will continue this into 2020.

Wilpshire Golf Club

For many years I would drive past Wilpshire Golf Club on my way to work and now I had the chance to play the course a couple of times this year.

The course is great with some challenging holes and the condition of the course in the autumn and late summer was in great condition, even though we have had a lot of rain in the recent months in the north west of England.

Wilpshire Golf Club
Stunning views across the Ribble Valley & Beyond

The main downside here is the distance as it is about 13 miles from home and would mean a longer round trip to play.

Pleasington Golf Club

Finally my neighbour recommended I try a round or two at Pleasington Golf Club, well-know certainly in the north west of England as one of the best courses.

I was pleasantly surprised at the excellent condition of the course, again given the amount of rain we have had. My first round was played in some heavy rain (never easy at all) but the course stood up to the test being particularly dry with just some surface water hanging around in specific places. The green keepers have done a fabulous job with the course.

It is a great course and much more difficult in my opinion that the other courses I visited. At first this put me off a little but then I thought that it is always good to be challenged. If your home course is tricky then others are always going to seem easier.

Pleasington Golf Club welcome pack including bag tag and clubhouse card.
My Pleasington Golf Club membership welcome pack.

So I am now a member of Pleasington Golf Club and enjoying lots of rounds of golf in between the rainy days. I am looking forward to getting my handicap and already have a card (round of 89 which is +18 over par) submitted. I now need 3 more.

Heres to many years of happy golfing at Pleasington Golf Club.

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