New golf shoes – Slazenger v100

My old pair of golf shoes where Dunlop Biom 100 and they have served me reasonably well considering they were only £24.99. If they have done 40 rounds of 18 holes I think that would be conservative. However, they have had their day now with cuts to the side and leaking water.

I was intending to purchase a more expensive pair to last a but longer than a season or two and had the intention of doing so when I went to the shop.

However, having arrived and looking at what was on offer, my new pair, some Slazenger v100 golf shoes stood out in terms of looks and also comfort when wearing them. The price tag to was appealing at just £29.99 which was at least £30 cheaper that a higher ranked branded option.

I was think to myself in the shop, I could almost get two pairs of these, 1 in white and 1 in black for the same price as a pair of a more expensive brand. Therefore I opted for the Slazenger shoe.

Time will of course tell when my decision was correct and we will wait and see how long they last. First impressions are good though.


Mark Wilkinson October 8, 2019 Reply

Just worn these for the first time on an 18-hole round today with wet grass and I can confirm that my feet were completely dry, therefore very happy with them.

To be honest though I am not sure they are going to last that long as the material they are made from is going to crack at some point where the creases appear when you bend your foot.

William peck September 24, 2020 Reply

What size are the threads on the studs

john misson October 28, 2021 Reply

Do not get them wet. Mine lasted 10 years and then split along the side, I was told you got them wet and they are not waterproof

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