Range night at Trafford Centre Golf

Earlier this week, one of the PGA professional golfers that I follow on social media, Rick Shiels tweeted out about organising a range night at the Trafford Centre golf range. It was a bit impulsive but I replied, sent an email thinking it would be “sold” out but got a positive response and I was booked in a going.

I am so pleased I went as it was a super fun night of challenges, hitting golf balls, using the Top Tracer technology and meeting some new people.

Top Tracer

The challenges we entered into was a longest drive challenge and a closest to the pin challenge, all made possible by the bays having Top Tracer technology.

This tracks the flight of the ball to give you an amazing about data about your shots, including of course the carry distances and total yardage.

I was amazed at how much data you get from the Top Tracer and the different stats about each shot.

This was one of my 7-iron shots when I had the system in practice mode to hot some balls and see how far my irons went.

7-iron Top Tracer stats for one of my shots – impressive?

Longest drive

The longest drive contest was first up and everyone got a chance to hit a number of shots to get into the final. Top 8 went through to compete in the final.

I was amazed that after borrowing someone else’s cheap Frazer driver I was into the final with an amazing shot of 270 yards.

I didn’t do as well in the final itself, in fact I may well have come last with an effort of 256 yards.

Still if I can hit them that far on the course then I will be super happy.

Closest to the pin

The distance in this challenge was 110 yards, downhill slightly. This was a tough yardage for me (or so I thought) so I went with sand iron to try and get it close.

On my 6th effort, unbelievably I managed to get it to 1 foot and 11 inches away!

I missed getting snap of the leaderboard for the evening on this one, but below you can see the leaderboard for the entire day and I managed to get 3rd spot.

Data on my clubs

This was the first time that I have managed to get some data on the distances I am hitting my clubs. I only managed to get a few shots in with some of the clubs I have but managed to get an idea of the distances etc.

All in all a great night and I look forward to another one soon hopefully.

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