About Mark Wilkinson

Welcome, you have managed to navigate your way to perhaps the most important page of many sites. It is where I get the chance to tell you all about me and how many different things I do!

It is hard to know what you want to know to be honest. Therefore I am going to tell you want I think you want know and you can skip the stuff that bores you to tears!


Increasingly this blog has a lot of golf content included. I started playing golf a long time ago in my teens with friends at the weekend.

I continued playing for a while, joining a small golf near to my place of work for about 5 years and really enjoyed it.

Then family life took over when I had children and golf took a step to one-side.

2019 has been the year that I have really got back into playing golf, even joining a golf club and getting my first ever golf handicap.

It is great exercise and a great way to get outdoors.


I took up running back in 2016. Being a web developer I spent a lot of time sat down behind a computer and I wanted to make sure that I was going to stay active.

So, I decided to start running (well walking at first as I was that unfit). To cut a long story short, I ran the distance from top to bottom of the UK in 2017 and have carried on since.

Early morning run on our business retreat with the team.

Running has been one of those things that really makes you step back and think I can really doing anything if I put my mind to it!


For 12 years I was a secondary school teacher. I have always enjoyed educating others and still do to this day.

However during my time teaching I grew to love working with the internet and associated technologies and it was during this time that I found WordPress.

Having freelanced for a couple of years as a WordPress web developer, I finally formed a company (Highrise Digital was born) with a friend and colleague – Keith Devon.

I really enjoy and appreciate what I do and wouldn’t change it for the world. We are currently working hard on building the business with some interesting things on the horizon.


I am a husband and father to two boys and enjoy spending time with family, particular on holidays to Spain and in and around the UK.

And that’s me! I am sure that has bored you to tears and if so I am sorry, if not I hope you enjoyed the read!