What’s in my bag?

Being into tech and travelling around to conferences, holidays and what not, I tend to carry around a fair bit of kit. Lets take a look what is in my bag.

First of all, I guess it is the bag itself which is not included in the picture. My bag is a Case Logic 14inch Laptop bag. It is not that big and sometimes I regret not having purchased a larger bag so I can fit more in, however it has its benefit being a bit more compact.

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A Cycle in and Around Longton

It was lovely weather this Sunday morning and I headed out with my brother around the Longton area for a lovely cycle.

It was lovely weather this Sunday morning and I headed out with my brother around the Longton area for a lovely cycle. Really enjoyed the ride in the flat countryside.

We managed 8 miles after a cycle to get started and it really felt like I could have done another 8. Definitely going to try and make this a more regular thing.

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First Proper Bike Ride in Years

Last year I got a new bike and although I have been out with the kids here and there, I was yet to complete (what I would call) a proper bike ride. Today I achieved this with a 10 mile ride.

The weather this weekend has been glorious and with it being a bank holiday weekend it was perfect for getting out and about. I woke on Sunday and would have usually ended up lazing in bed and then watching football for most of the day. Today was different though as I decided enough is enough and headed out for a bike ride.

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2018 Goal Updates – 1st Third

A quick update on the goals that I set at the start of the year and reviewing progress so far.

At the start of the year I decided (very unlike me) to set some goals for the year.

In fact I think I would rather call them targets. I am not sure why I like that word better, but I do.

First lets look at what these where:

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Record 5k Run

Finally managed a personal milestone on a run this evening as I managed to run 5k in under 20 minutes!

Today was a long day at work with lots to do and to get through. This meant I had not managed to head out for my usual Monday run. After tea and with the kids in bed, I thought what can I do now?

It would either be slump in front of the TV watching football, or simply to continue with the mountain of tasks that I have to complete.

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Sunday Morning Short Bike Ride

Enjoyed a short bike ride around Leyland with the boys this morning in pleasant weather conditions.

With the weather getting (a bit!) better, I decided a bike ride would be a good idea before watching the afternoon’s F1 race. I headed out with the boys heading nowhere in particular and we wound our way around Leyland for 4.1 mile ride.

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Spring Walks to School

Over the last few days we have managed some lovely walks to school in the improving weather.

With the weather starting to get a little better (although we had snow again this week) I am able to get out a little more walking the kids to school. In fact I am going to try and walk pretty much everyday that I can – i.e. if it is not throwing it down with rain.

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Testing Gutenberg on this Blog

This blog runs some software called WordPress to manage the content and do other stuff. It is quite popular (powered over 30% of the web) and it is getting a major new feature. Here is my test of installing this feature on this site.

Yesterday I was delighted to chair a session with the core developers of WordPress's new editor and publishing workflow project – Gutenberg. That chat has brought about this post. Let me explain.

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