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I used to have a blog, starting way back in 2007 but to be honest it didn’t last very long. However I did enjoy blogging.

Over the course of the past few months I have been really thinking about my use of the internet, particular social media and what I am (or am not) using it for. One of the things that I concluded was that it is nice to be able to look back at your life over the years – the photos you have taken, the places you have been and the people you have met.

Therefore I am starting up this blog with that being the aim. The document some of things that I get up to. I want to come back to this in 10 years time and see the memories. I wonder if I will be able to?

Saturday Stroll Through Brindle Lodge

I ventured out with the kids this afternoon and thought we would call in on Grandad and Grandma and then take a stroll around Brindle Lodge. This is somewhere I would have walked through many a time as child but never been back since.

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House Extension

In the spring of this year we finally decided to get some prices on a new extension for our house. After being recommended, we opted to have the extension built by Kemp Building services. Having also met Jamie (the builder) he was quick to put us at ease with the process and made everything nice a clear.

The price was right and the extension would now begin work in the early months of May.

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My little MG TF sports car

After getting my first job I purchased this lovely little sports car. Two seater and mid engined it was an MG TF 1.6 litre engine. I bought it mainly because now was the time. I had no family and therefore a very unpractical car was fine.

I loved the car and it was great in the summer with the roof down and the hard top made the car much more practical.

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A Garden Transformation

The first task was to plan out what we wanted. As the garden was quite large, and south facing we thought we would make the most of this with 2 large patios at opposite ends of the garden. As we kept Budgies in the aviary we wanted to make sure this was on a concrete base (it was on the lawn at the moment) and also to incorporate a rabbit pen area so they could roam about a little during the day.

The plan was that we would construct a raised bed, using all of the soil that was dug out for widening the paths and making the patios. This would need a small wall building in order to retain all the soil. The wall needed a footing and so we marked out its length and then created a concrete trench with which to build the wall on.

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Las Vegas trip

I remember the day we went to Las Vegas as it was the longest day ever, flying back around the world.

We had a good trip seeing the sights and sounds of Las Vegas and a week was enough. Below are some photos I took.

This post was written after this blog was first published. It was added to record this specific event and was back-dated to the event time/date.