A Cycle in and Around Longton

It was lovely weather this Sunday morning and I headed out with my brother around the Longton area for a lovely cycle.

It was lovely weather this Sunday morning and I headed out with my brother around the Longton area for a lovely cycle. Really enjoyed the ride in the flat countryside.

We managed 8 miles after a cycle to get started and it really felt like I could have done another 8. Definitely going to try and make this a more regular thing.

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A Walk Round Longton Brickcroft Nature Reserve

A lovely sunny stroll around Longton Brickcroft Nature Reserve this lunchtime.

We actually headed out to Southport to get some walking shoes however found ourselves in what looked like a 5 mile tail-back to get into Southport. Therefore we changed our mind and found the nature reserve on the way back.

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First Proper Bike Ride in Years

Last year I got a new bike and although I have been out with the kids here and there, I was yet to complete (what I would call) a proper bike ride. Today I achieved this with a 10 mile ride.

The weather this weekend has been glorious and with it being a bank holiday weekend it was perfect for getting out and about. I woke on Sunday and would have usually ended up lazing in bed and then watching football for most of the day. Today was different though as I decided enough is enough and headed out for a bike ride.

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2018 Goal Updates – 1st Third

A quick update on the goals that I set at the start of the year and reviewing progress so far.

At the start of the year I decided (very unlike me) to set some goals for the year.

In fact I think I would rather call them targets. I am not sure why I like that word better, but I do.

First lets look at what these where:

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Record 5k Run

Finally managed a personal milestone on a run this evening as I managed to run 5k in under 20 minutes!

Today was a long day at work with lots to do and to get through. This meant I had not managed to head out for my usual Monday run. After tea and with the kids in bed, I thought what can I do now?

It would either be slump in front of the TV watching football, or simply to continue with the mountain of tasks that I have to complete.

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Sunday Morning Short Bike Ride

Enjoyed a short bike ride around Leyland with the boys this morning in pleasant weather conditions.

With the weather getting (a bit!) better, I decided a bike ride would be a good idea before watching the afternoon’s F1 race. I headed out with the boys heading nowhere in particular and we wound our way around Leyland for 4.1 mile ride.

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WordCamp London 2018 – What an Amazing Weekend

Last weekend was the annual trip down to the capital for the WordCamp London conference. It is always a terrific event and a chance to meet up with some old friends. This weekend did not disappoint and was a cracker!

The weekend always starts early on a Friday morning. In fact it could start on a Thursday as there is a contributor day (where you can help contribute to the open source WordPress project) on the Friday. However this would mean just too long away from the family.

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Easter Holiday 2018 Fun

With it being the Easter holidays we had some lovely time to spend with the kids. We managed to fit in lots with some walks, golf driving range, time at the park and some great bide rides.

Over the Easter period I attempted to take some video footage and turn it into some sort of shorter holiday clip. My (poor) effort is below.

Music by Slyleaf

Spring Walks to School

Over the last few days we have managed some lovely walks to school in the improving weather.

With the weather starting to get a little better (although we had snow again this week) I am able to get out a little more walking the kids to school. In fact I am going to try and walk pretty much everyday that I can – i.e. if it is not throwing it down with rain.

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