A New Career Chapter

Today I quit my job working as a Secondary School teacher in a Lancashire high school. The job was well paid, with a good pension and a good salary. I am leaving to work as a freelance WordPress developer and consultant with no guaranteed salary or benefits. Why am I doing this I wondered?

I have been teaching for over a decade now. I have taught a number of different subjects but finally settled into teaching ICT and in fact was Subject Leader (Head of Department in old money!) for over 4 years. It was during my teaching career that I developed a passion for working with the web and particularly WordPress, making blogs for students to access as well as websites for students to use in distance learning.

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Garage Conversion

As our family was expanding, we decided that we would covert the garage to another room. With us in a new build the garages are never very big and therefore you can’t really get a car in them. We thought the space would be better utilised as another room.

Removing the Door and Adding the Window

The first job is probably the most scary and needed to be completed in a day. That was removing the garage door, bricking up the wall and the adding in the newly delivered window.

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A Garden Transformation

During late winter and early spring of this year we decided to do some work on the garden. It was quite a big garden but just have all grass was not very practical and therefore we set about to add a few patios and the the aviary and rabbit pen setup properly on concrete.

The first task was to plan out what we wanted. As the garden was quite large, and south facing we thought we would make the most of this with 2 large patios at opposite ends of the garden. As we kept Budgies in the aviary we wanted to make sure this was on a concrete base (it was on the lawn at the moment) and also to incorporate a rabbit pen area so they could roam about a little during the day.

The plan was that we would construct a raised bed, using all of the soil that was dug out for widening the paths and making the patios. This would need a small wall building in order to retain all the soil. The wall needed a footing and so we marked out its length and then created a concrete trench with which to build the wall on.

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Single Seater Racing Experience

Having been a fan of motor sport and in particular Formula 1 since I was a about 10, I had always wanted to have a go in a single seater and for Christmas I was gifted a racing experience at the Three Sisters race track. I loved it!

The Three Sisters race track is located in Ashton-in-Makerfield near Wigan in the north west of England. The experience started with some driving tips and tricks to learn the lines in a nice Mini Cooper and then we got about 10 minutes around the track in a single seater Formula Ford card reaching speeds of around 80 – 90 mph – it felt much faster!

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