How to make a golf course yardage book

I have recently took up golf – again. Having played a lot when I was younger, and having played a little here and there, I have recently re-found my love for the game.

As a result of this I have been putting in a lot of effort into getting better and better, cumulating in me have some golf lessons (more on that later). As part of this one thing I did notice all the pros have a little book in their back pocket – the yardage book.

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My very first half marathon

Today I ran my very first half marathon, something I always thought would have been out of my reach. I am super proud of myself, although a little sore in the legs!

In this post I wanted to document my thoughts on what I have learned from this experience in the hope that it helps or inspired others who are thinking of doing something similar in the future. Here goes…

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A week in Lanzarote

2 years ago we went to Majorca in the Balearic islands for an Easter break and although we have a great time, we wanted something a little warmer this time around.

After searching around, the Canary Islands, off the coast of Africa, seemed the best, and most cost effective option. We started to look around for different options and Lanzarote seemed to stand out. Not only did it come across as a great place to go on holiday, many friends and family had also recommended it to us.

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WordCamp London 2019

This weekend just gone was the no annual WordCamp London weekend, were members of the UK and world-wide WordPress community gets together to discuss all things WordPress.

This event was another resounding success thanks for a number of people, but most notably the excellent organisation of the event from the WordCamp London organising team. Thanks to them and all the speakers and volunteers for making it a great weekend.

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Retreating to the Italian Dolomites

About twice a year, our WordPress agency, Highrise Digital have a retreat away which is a chance to meet with other team members and spend some time together. This time we went to the Italian Dolomites.

Being a remote WordPress company means we don’t often meet in the physical world with our colleagues and therefore these retreats are really important. A time to spend getting to know each other better and of course for working on things together.

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